Lila Tapley

East Meets West
Human Jungle
Coral Reef
Beautiful Dance of Colour

My name is Lila, and I’m a self-taught artist with an immense passion for creating art that reflects the beauty and vibrancy of life. My preferred medium is acrylics, through which I explore a world of colours, lines, shapes, and patterns, igniting my artworks with a sense of vitality and energy.

My artistic journey has led me on a diverse path. Previously, I worked as a garden designer, utilizing my creative instincts to design visually stunning natural spaces. However, my fascination with art soon began to weave its way into my life, leading me to take up brushes and canvas. Today, I describe my approach as "painting with plants," as my experiences with garden design have deeply influenced my artistic style.

In the realm of art, I find myself surrendering to the meditative state that painting induces. It is an experience that takes me to a different realm entirely, where time loses its grip and the world fades away. In fact, painting is like a drug that envelopes me in a euphoric state, providing a temporary escape from the mundane aspects of life.

Each time I embark on a new painting, I fall deeply in love with the journey it takes me on. The process itself becomes an enchanting adventure, where I give myself permission to embrace "happy mistakes" and allow my intuition to guide me. With each stroke, I weave a story onto the canvas, infusing it with emotions that flow directly from my heart.

I must confess that often, I don't know what I am about to create when I pick up my brush. This uncertainty lends a sense of excitement, as I eagerly await the revelation of each artwork. By relinquishing control and surrendering to the serendipitous nature of the creative process, I allow my art to unfold naturally and authentically.

If you're interested in glimpsing into my world and exploring my artwork, I invite you to visit my Instagram gallery here:


It would be an absolute joy to share my artistic journey with you and engage in conversations about the boundless wonders of art.

If you’ve got this far, thank you for indulging me and reading my ramblings about my art.



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